20 Apr 2015


Scandinavian with a Moroccan twist
dar amina
Don't you love when a dish comes together? Adding that pinch of herbs or spices makes all the difference to a somehow plain dish but the key is when all the flavours work in harmony.
In the home, ethnic and colourful pieces infuse the right amount of spice to wake up your visual senses, and when I think of spices what immediately comes to mind is Morocco

Perhaps the fact that I grew up surrounded by ethnic pieces that my parents brought back to Spain after a few years living in Casablanca, or maybe the fact that going on holidays to the South of Spain for twenty years where the arabic influence is clearly present in the architecture I always felt a special attraction and love for Moroccan Style; but not Moroccan style on itself but Scandinavian with a Moroccan twist, that pinch that when added will spice up your home.

Scandinavian with a Moroccan twist
 Srta Pepis
I always loved the bohemian edge in a quirky, contemporary tribal-chic style of moroccan poufs and the stunning colours and intricate graphic patterns of the Beni Ouran and Boucherouite rugs (see my post about 'Tips to find the right rughere for amazing examples), not to mention the silver teapots and moroccan trays among other treasures. 

When you team up two opposite aesthetics, originated from two geographically opposing regions, Scandinavia and Morocco,  the results translate into beautiful, balanced,versatile, functional, styled interiors.

dar amina

The epitome of this style comes from a spanish couple, Salima (with moroccan roots) and Jose Eduardo, better known in the Interiors circles as Dar Amina who named this mix of styles NORETNIC (nordic + ethnic) for an exhibition at the Spanish trade fair Giftrend a couple of years ago.

dar amina
Dar amina has a shop online with amazing pieces. Salima explained that all their products are made by highly skilled artisans in Morocco some of whom are formed by women' cooperatives who mainly work with textiles.

I asked Dar Amina if they ever had to choose only one piece from their shop what would it be and why? - they specially love pouffs because of their versatility: they can serve as small tables, additional seating or footrest.
Live creating yourself
Scandinavian with a Moroccan twist

puro deco
the green eyed girl
Oh, I'd just adore a rug like this one in my sitting room (sigh)!

Do you like this style?, What would be your most loved moroccan piece?
I can't wait to hear your comments, -;).

With love,
Margarita xo

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