19 Mar 2015


Hello lovelies,
today the sun is shinning and life is good. 
I wanted to share with you this beautiful apartment belonging to Melbourne visual artist Miranda Skoczek.
Miranda's beautiful artwork can be seen reflected all around her home, and you'll notice it straight away for her use of colour ; as vitra magazine describes Miranda's home: "a carnival of colour, with splashes of green, pink and blue."

Beautiful and colourful Melbourne apartment

"Artwork The Verner Panton ‘S’ chair, a gift from her brother, matches the tones of the artwork by Kirra Jamison above." 

I love the sorbet colours in contrast with the dark wooden floors. 

A beautiful and colourful Melbourne apartment

The artwork above the sofa is from Rhys Lee
Splashes of candy colours from the painting repeat throughout the room creating harmony.
All about this home gives a sense of welcoming, relaxing and happy feeling.

A bit of drama is introduced with black in the original kitchen tiles 

Beautiful and colourful Melbourne apartment

In the living room Miranda has styled her books with colour in mind conferring an order to the space where a mix of patterns, textures and colours blend together creating a bohemian look that I love.
” On top of the bookcase are Polish religious artworks she found while travelling, a Noguchi lamp, an Andrew McKenzie perspex box from Hut 13 and an old papier mâché skull from Fenton & Fenton"

Beautiful and colourful Melbourne apartment
One of Miranda’s own works features over the blue bed from Scout House, dressed in Hay ‘Minimal’ bedlinen. The patchwork kilim rug is from Loom Rugs.

Beautiful and colourful Melbourne apartment
Miranda's paintings are, in her own words: 'an exploration of unrestrained fantasy, they create a space to enjoy beauty, the exotic and escape from the harsh realities we are bombarded with daily' and as you can see it here, her home is a clear reflection as well.

STYLING - Jason Grant
PHOTOGRAPHY - Lauren Bamford
SOURCES - homelife | FVF

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